Full Moon Farm's Spring Thing (April 2023) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Beach, DawnInstigatorOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Beam, IsabellNapoleonPOHTAccepted
Bomse, EmmaFMF SOLONCTAccepted
Brunkow, SavannahMajor DudeINTROOAccepted
Buchanan, JuliFMF TonkaPOHTAccepted
Bucior, ZoeyBombs AwayINTRORAccepted
Burns, ElizabethLindberghBNRAccepted
Burns, VirginiaChopraINTROOAccepted
Cala, MaryannaWorth the WaitOSTARTAccepted
Clendaniel, SaraBella VitaONAccepted
Cook, CarleighFMF December’s Chestnut RainPOHTAccepted
Covert, KristineProfessor ZoomOBNAccepted - IncompleteFull Moon Farm Release (2022): Missing
Davis, KatrinaTake TwoOSTARTAccepted
Dawson, JordanSpring JoyBNRAccepted
Dhruv, SorenGolden Beach BumINTRORAccepted
Doernburger, JessieRivendell’s Southern BelleINTROOAccepted
Franz, GinaFMF SullivanINTRORAccepted
Fulton, SavannahBlue ParrotOBNAccepted
Fulton, SavannahMiss CarreraTHAccepted
Furtado, JamieImagine The GoldONAccepted
Gonzalez, SarahThe North StarINTROOAccepted
Goodman, KaitlynCasamigosBNRAccepted
Green, JenniferRebel YellONAccepted
Helm-Roth, HeatherFMF ZenaOSTARTAccepted
Hryzak, Christine AnnFMF Seneca's Old Time MovieINTROOAccepted
Janelli, JosephineColeraineINTRORAccepted
Klein, KelseyForever Faithful FellaBNRAccepted
Lancelotta, SophiaPortiaINTRORAccepted
Lindsay, CarlaTake NoteONAccepted
Lundstrom, LaurelKillianBNRAccepted
Lynn, ShelleyOut of the BlueOSTARTAccepted
Maticic, BeckyScotch on the RocksOBNAccepted
Moges, EdenBullseye BoyPOHTAccepted
Monti, KathleenFMF TobyPOHTAccepted
Myers, PaytonPop of ClassOBNAccepted
Paniccia, EmilyCorona With LimeBNRAccepted
Rainey, KarynLavagoINTROOAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Pending Review
Full Moon Farm Release (2022): Missing
Savoye, JackieSipping ChampagneBNRAccepted
Sendak, CourtneyPalm D'OroOBNAccepted
Sendak, CourtneyCauseway PrincessINTROOAccepted
Sendak, CourtneyDGE Kathern's JoyINTROOAccepted
Shaw, MirandaIsland BrewONAccepted
Slade, MeaghanWinter-Gold MMHBNRAccepted
Snyder, JillianFMF SmoochINTRORAccepted
Sosebee, RileyFMF SmoochPOHTAccepted
West, SarahJetBNRAccepted
Whitehead, AlexandraFMF PragueOSTARTAccepted
Wothers, ZellieMount FufiONAccepted
Wright, KathrynSilent WisperINTROOAccepted
Wright, LucySay CheeseINTROOAccepted
Zetlmeisl, JuliaOn A WhimBNRAccepted
Ziegler, DavidSaladine STCDSGAccepted56.00
Ziegler, DavidDanssairDSGAccepted56.00
Ziegler, DavidSaladine STCDSGAccepted50.00

Division Entries
BNRBeginner Novice Rider - Horse Trial10
DSGDressage Only - Email Test 3
INTROOOpen Introductory - Horse Trial10
INTRORIntroductory Rider - Horse Trial6
OBNOpen Beginner Novice - Horse Trial6
ONOpen Novice - Horse Trial6
ONCTOpen Novice - Combined Test1
OSTARTOpen Starter - Horse Trial5
POHTPoles - Horse Trial6
THTraining Horse - Horse Trial1